Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Weapon of the Week: Gunleon

Pictured: a badass looking repair mech. Not pictured: the army of enemy mechs destroyed by the badass looking repair mech.
Franchise: Super Robot Taisen
Appearances: Super Robot Taisen Z, Super Robot Taisen Z2
Type: Mecha

Super Robot Taisen is a Japanese strategy game series that features mecha from various anime series. The long running franchise debuted in April 20, 1991 on the Game Boy, and featured robots from Mazinger Z, Getter Robo, and Gundam. The game was a massive hit, and spawned a franchise that now includes over 50 games. Since the legendary series is getting ready to release another installment, I’d figure I’d talk about one mecha specifically for the Super Robot Taisen games.

Ever since the 2nd Super Robot Taisen (also released in 1991), Banpresto have been creating their own original mechs to fight alongside the other robots. There have been so many that Banpresto have created several game featuring nothing but their original mechs. Some of my favorites include KoRyuOh, a fusion of a Grungust and a mythical golem, Soulgain, a robot that fights with energy bursts and fisticuffs, and the topic of this Weapon of the Week, Gunleon.

Introduced in Super Robot Taisen Z, Gunleon was originally built to be a repair mech. Unfortunately, its piloted by the infamous Rand Travis, who’s much better at destroying things that he is fixing them. Alongside his plucky co-pilot Mel Beater, Gunleon is Rand’s mode of transportation on his search for his former employer. Gunleon’s powers are further explored as the story unfolds, but I won’t spoil anything because a) I think you should play Super Robot Taisen Z yourselves and b) I still not sure about them myself (I think this goes without saying, but Japanese games often don’t make sense).

The uploader was kind enough to add english subtitles! Not that you need them to enjoy wrench-chucks, but it is appreaciated.

Gunleon is one of the best units in the game. Given that Gunleon is a repair mech, it can restore the HP of adjacent units. However, the true draw of Gunleon is its destructive power. Using tools like wrenches and chainsaws, it can deal a ton of damage to pretty much everything. Its high damage output, when paired with its high HP and sturdy armor, makes it an unstoppable wrecking machine capable of smashing enemy ranks. Of course, it isn’t perfect: all of its attacks use EP (basically fuel/MP), so if you don’t use your more powerful attacks sparingly at first, you’ll be up oil creek. Still, Gunleon’s destructive capabilities are among one of the best.

I await the day Gunleon enters a Original Generation game and shows everyone how a real lion fights. I also eagerly await another localized Super Robot Taisen game, even though its chances of making it or doing well are slim to none. Next time, we’ll talk about a weapon from one of my favorite franchises. Until then, see you next time.

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