Saturday, July 25, 2015

Kyoryuger: Final Thoughts

My final Kyoryuger post (hopefully). Brave Out!
So yeah, I just finished the last episodes of Kyoryuger, and honestly, the finale left me a bit underwhelmed.

It starts promising enough. The first episodes of the last set feature the things I like about Kyoryuger: a good sense of humor, good action, and great characters.They have their ups and downs, though. The body swapping episode is a good one, and the two part Christmas special is decent, but D’s return, which would have been amazing, was very lackluster. This set also saw the return of Tobaspino, which was great to see, even if it was brief.

Oh, and Endolf and his sexy voice returns. Shweet.

However, the last four episodes of the show didn’t exactly click with me. It just didn’t feel like a satisfying conclusion for me. Throughout the final battle, I didn’t feel totally invested in the struggles of the heroes or feel the stakes were high. Yes, there were isolated moments of greatest, like the unsuited roll calls, or the death of a villain that actually moved me. But overall, the finale didn’t grip me.

Also, the final battle between Kyoryu Red and the Big Bad of the series was legitimately bad. You’d think a one-on-one between the leader of the Kyoryuger and an entity of destruction would be an epic struggle, but it instead it’s just a curb-stomp battle; first Deboss kicks Kyoryu Red around, then Kyoryu Red receives the Power of Friendship(well, it’s actually the Earth’s melody, but it works the same way, and then Kyoryu Red stomps all over Deboss. The whole battle is too one sided to be awesome or even good. I’ve seen great finales thanks to Mechanime, but now I’ve seen my first underwhelming finale.

Still, I still really like Kyoryuger. I still consider it to be a great show, and the road leading up to the last four episodes is still a great journey. Yeah, the finale isn’t that good, but I still loved Kyoryuger. I just wish the finale was just as good as the rest of the show.

Gaoranger is next. Let me hear you roar!

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