Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Weapon of the Week: Cooper Cane

Who needs $300 worth of burglar tools when you have a fancy looking stick?

Franchise: Sly Cooper
Appearances: All Sly games
Type: Bludgeon, tool

What is a thief’s most valuable tool? His quick wits? How about a well thought out plan? Maybe a weapon if something goes wrong? You may have your own opinion, but for one thief, his most valuable tool is his family heirloom.

The Sly Cooper games center around the titular character and his partners in crime. He comes from a long line of master thieves who specialize in stealing from criminals. Each have managed to create their own thieving techniques and unique thieving styles. The Cooper Clan’s exploits have been the focus of the series’s stories, from the Thievius Raccoonus, the book that is used to teach the techniques to the children of the Coopers, to the Cooper Vault, a vault containing greatest treasures stolen by the clan. And regardless of the Cooper in question, none are seen without their cane.

The Cooper cane is the iconic tool of the Cooper Clan, and it’s to see why. The cane is incredibly versatile, able to aid any Cooper in his adventures. The cane can be used to latch onto hooks, help a Cooper attach himself to a climbable object, pickpocket unsuspecting guards, and can even serve as a tool of offense when cornered. Without the cane, none of the Coopers would ever come close to the thieving masters they are.

The Cooper cane is a thief’s best friend, or at least it would be if it isn’t for a brainiac turtle and a muscly hippo. Next time, we’ll look closer at a certain heroic robot. Until then, see ya.

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