Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Weapon of the Week: Mario’s Hammer

The "M" in MC Hammer is for "Mario." He's the OG of hammer wielders everywhere.

Franchise: Mario
Appearances: Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario RPG, the Mario & Luigi games, the Paper Mario games, the Mario vs Donkey Kong games, the Super Smash Bros games, the Mario Party games, DK Jungle Climber, the Mario Tennis games
Type: Bludgeon

Mario has a lot of weapons at his disposal. Be it from his iconic power-ups like the Fire Flower, or items to aid him in his competitive endeavors, he has many tools at his disposal. But out of all these tools, only two have stuck with the plucky plumber since the very beginning. The first would be his reliable jump, which has been used to pass over countless threats and obstacles. The other his legendary hammer.

Mario’s hammer has been a part of his identity since the original Donkey Kong, were it allowed him to destroy obstacles like barrels and fireballs. Since then, it has made many appearances. In Super Smash Bros, Mario’s hammer is a powerful offensive item that, while it limits the user's mobility, allows for devastating strikes. It’s appeared in the Mario Tennis games as Mario’s special offensive shot. In Super Mario Bros. 3, it is a map item that can destroy boulders blocking paths, including one that leads to a Warp Whistle.

However, the games that show off Mario’s hammer the greatest are the Mario RPGs. In the Paper Mario games, Mario has a variety of attacks that involve his hammer, such as creating small earthquakes and inflicting status ailments on enemies. The Mario & Luigi games give the legendary brothers several ridiculously fancy techniques, which can be used to solve puzzles and execute powerful attacks. If you haven’t played a Mario RPG, you haven’t seen how powerful Mario can be with his hammer.

Mario’s hammer is one of his best assets, and is a true tool for saving the world. Next time, we’ll revisit my favorite franchise. Until then, see ya.

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