Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Weapon of the Week: Megaman

Guess what his favorite color is.
Franchise: Megaman
Appearances: All Megaman games
Type: Robot, hero

If the Angry Video Game Nerd has taught us anything, it’s that the good games on the NES need to be cherished. Yes, most of the library was terrible, but without the NES, we wouldn’t have so many legendary franchises. Without it, we would never have Mario, Zelda, Castlevania, Final Fantasy, or many other heavy hitters. The subject of today’s Weapon of the Week is one of the legendary heroes who made his debut on the NES. Ladies and gentlemen, I present the Blue Bomber: Megaman.

The classic Megaman franchise begins in the futuristic year of 200X, where robotics genius Thomas Light succeeds in building several sentient robots to aid humanity. Jealous of his colleague’s success, Albert Wily reprogrammed some of Light’s robots to aid on his quest of world domination. One of Light’s robots, Rock, volunteers to have himself modified to combat Wily’s armies. Thus, Rock became Megaman, and began his career as one of gaming’s most treasured icons.

Megaman has several abilities that aid him in fighting Wily’s mechanical army. Aside from superhuman physical abilities, he has his iconic Mega Buster, an arm-mounted blaster that serves as his primary weapon. His most useful trait, however, is the ability to copy the weapons of the evil robots (or Robot Masters) that he has defeated. By defeating a Robot Master, Megaman can use the weapon of that robot, and can use it to more easily navigate levels or exploit the weaknesses of other Robot Masters.

We may not have had a new Megaman game in ages, but his spirit lives on. Next time, we’ll look at the tool of a legend. Until then, see ya.

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