Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Weapon of the Week: Pokeball

Think your a hardcore Pokemon fan? Name all these Pokeballs. Good luck.

Franchise: Pokemon
Appearances: Pretty much every Pokemon game ever
Type: Item

Some argue that Pokemon are some of the best weapons ever conceived. And I have to admit, monsters that can produce bolts of electricity and fire on a whim is a great idea for a weapon. But I have three problems: one, Pokemon only use their powers against other Pokemon and never against other people, which makes it hard to call them weapons; two, trainers are only able to utilize a Pokemon’s strength because there’s a mutual bond, which makes them more like party members than weapons; and three, it ignores the true star of this picture: the Pokeball.

Its unclear how Pokeballs actually work. Its supposed to be a capsule based technology, and it seems to turn the Pokemon inside into a form of electrical energy that can easily be stored. But how it works doesn’t really matter; what matters is how its used. A Pokemon is the only device that can catch and contain Pokemon, be it the pathetic Magikarp or the numerous powerful legendaries. These little capsules allow you to catch and utilize some of the most powerful creatures that ever existed, which is seriously awesome.

A virtual net that can catch pretty much anything deserves serious props, even if you think the creatures inside them make better weapons. Next time, we’ll look at everyone’s favorite fictional bird. Until then, see ya.

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