Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sentai Time! Kyoryuger Followup

The Kyoryugers and friends!

So how are y’all doing? Since my Kyoryuger review, I’ve watched a dozen more episodes, and I figured its about time for an update review. I will be getting into spoiler territory, so be warned.

2 Shades of Gray
Tessei and his hard-headed partner.
Since my last review, two new Kyoryugers have been introduced. There’s Tessai (Kyoryu Gray), the spirit of a 1500-year-old martial artist, and Professor Ulshade (Kyoryu Violet), the man responsible for the Kyoryuger’s gear. Tessai didn’t leave a terribly big impression on me. His Zyudenryu is cool, but other than that, he wasn’t that interesting, and really only seemed there so that the Kyoryuger’s could grow stronger. Ulshade on the other hand…

This guy knocks down the scenery during his roll call and eats the rest.

Ulshade is more fun than the rest of the cast combined. He has a tendency to scream everything he says in a truly over-the-top manner, and his wild gestures make it all the better. Not to mention that since he’s a grandfather, every action usually results in him popping something out of place. Its a shame he isn’t in more episodes, since he’s everything I love about this show wrapped into one guy.

Her partner can double as a spacecraft. That's right- dinosaurs in space!

His position of Kyoryu Violet is succeeded by his granddaughter, Yayoi, and I’m definitely not a fan of her character. She’s not interesting or entertaining in the slightest. Her arc is that she needs to be more self confident, which is a fine story, but her behavior is so grating and the arc goes by so quickly that I couldn't feel invested in her. After that, she just devolves into the generic “gadget girl” character. If it weren’t for her skills in battle, I’d call her unnecessary.

Bunpachy OP, plz nerf
If you aren't blown away by the concept of a t-rex centaur mech, then you have no soul.
A handful of new mechs has been introduced since my last review. We have Bunpachy, a grey pachycephalosaurus (amazing how my spellcheck recognized this) mech with flail for a tail, and Plezuon, a violet plesiosaurus mech that can transform into the humanoid Plezu-Oh. Both are great robots, but what really steals the show is Bakuretsu KyoryuJin, a T-rex centaur mech. All mechs are a welcome addition, even if Bunpachy is used a bit too often in my opinion.

This is the guy the Deboss Army was trying to resurrect. I have several questions...

The finale of the second season is...strange. Not only is it split into three episodes, but its also significantly darker. How else would you explain the main bad guy being revived and nearly killing our heroes? Or how Aigallon commits a suicide attack in order to get revenge? Granted, its not terribly dark, and the episodes themselves were still enjoyable, but still, I felt like I was watching a new show for a while.

Old Man Gags
Remember how I said you didn’t have to indulge in silliness to enjoy this show? Yeah, I take that back. But that doesn’t mean that I no longer enjoy this show. Heck, the silliness is why I love Kyoryuger. It makes no attempt to hide its camp, which makes the antics makes all the more enjoyable. As always, the group bounce off each other really well, and while the villains pose a slightly bigger threat than before, their incompetent schemes are fun to watch.

Hope you enjoyed this! Here’s on my schedule for the future:

  • Nobunaga the Fool followup
  • New Getter Robo review
  • Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires review
  • Liberal rant on gun rights

Next Sentai Time will be about Go-Onger. Vroom vroom!

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