Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Weapon of the Week: Kazooie

This bird can carry a bear twice her size and many times her weight. Because physics is for losers.

Franchise: Banjo Kazooie
Appearances: Every BK game
Type: Sidekick

Hey Mario 64, imma let you finish, but Banjo Kazooie is the greatest Nintendo 64 platformer of all time. Of all time!

Yeah, I love Banjo Kazooie. Its a colorful, whimsical adventure with brilliant level design and very satisfying collect-a-thon gameplay. It may not be the most intricate or complex, but the amount of pure fun contained in the cartridge is amazing. One of the greatest parts of the game is how the levels are big open spaces, encouraging exploration and world interaction. And let’s face it, Banjo wouldn’t be able to find any of the collectables if it wasn’t for his sassy little sidekick, Kazooie.

So what can Kazooie do that Banjo can’t? Well, she can fire the blue eggs you’ve collected, carry Banjo on her back so that they can run up steep inclines, can shield her partner with her wings using the golden feathers scattered around the game, use her wings for a high jump and even glide, break powerful barriers with her beak, and can even allow the duo to fly. With all this in mind, Kazooie is one of gaming’s best sidekicks, as much of the game would be impossible without her aid. Heck, she’s probably one of the handful of sidekicks more competent than the main hero.

Kazooie may have a big mouth, but she can easily back it up with a ton of powerful abilities. Next time, I think its time we bring the heat. Until then, see ya.

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